Daventry Model Railway Club
Exhibiting Layouts
Daventry MRC have managed to secure the display of the following layouts for this years exhibition:-
Tanybwich and Penrhyn-009 Belmont Shed-N Gauge, a fictitious BR Midland Regional Loco Shed with a main line close by. Donegal -7mm scale Irish narrow gauge  Anderby Creek -OO gauge Eastbridge -O Gauge imaginary small terminus somewhere in the West Midlands during the late 1940’s Greenford Central-OO gauge, close your eyes and you are somewhere in Western London a station built jointly by the LNER and the LSWR for North and South trains Billton Goods -3mm scale, a typical LNWR/LMS goods depot in the early 1950’s Herrenscar Harbour-N Gauge, this could have been. The terminus of the Nivverwas Valley Tramway, which runs from the Yorkshire Dales to the coast.
Stamford East -fine scale OO Gauge, The Stamford and Essendeine Railway, later LNER. Hampton End- 1/22 scale Treloar Sidings- O Gauge The layout depicts the terminus of one of the branches that wound their way around the clay producing area of north of St Austell. Midland Moonshiners-On30 modular group of the Daventry Model Railway Club  Tombridge Junction- N Gauge Daventry Station- Fine scale OO Gauge, proto type model of Daventry Station a work in progress of Daventry Station set in the 1920/30’s Britstown -N Gauge, a mainline layout built by the Daventry Model Railway Club. Tri-ange Layout-OO Gauge and nostalgic step back to ones past. Daventry Model Railway Club, test track, O, OO and N Gauge please feel free to come and run your loco’s